Playing games and doing sports cannot harm our bodies nor our minds, it helps develop and grow in a healthy manner. But which ones are the best in each field of our health and how can we get to do all of them is the big question and one of the answers we have here. Chess is not only the game, and actually sport, that old people play, but also one of those which an Amsterdam escort enjoys the most. It helps us improve our ways of thinking and understand how we can plan better, which comes always handy in any situation. Escorts appreciate that and would love it to play one round with you, just to show you how a beautiful lady with a great body and a million dollar smile can be a great chess player.

A short history of chess

history of chessThere are many stories on how chess came to be a thing, but one of them stands out, not only because it is interesting, but also because there is some historical evidence backing it. Here is a short version of it: A long time ago, when escorts did not exist, there was a man who went to his king to show him the game he had created. The king loved it so much that he offered anything his heart could wish to the man. But he did not choose a wonderful Amsterdam escort from Escort Directory, as you might think. He wanted one grain of wheat on the first field of the board and then the double of that on the next. The amount should be doubled and summed up for a number of 64 times. The king’s mathematicians needed days to calculate that and at the end the number of all the grains was so high that even a barn from earth to the sun, ten meters high and wide, couldn’t hold them all. You can ask an Amsterdam escort about the rest of the story.

Chess can help your brain more than anything else

You may not know that this sport is not only a good way to work on your gray cells, but also to prevent some quite serious diseases. It helps and prevents Alzheimer’s disease and makes it easy for people with schizophrenia to cope with their problems. Chess brings also joy, it helps with confidence, of which an Amsterdam escort from¬†might not need any more. These beautiful ladies are active and want to try anything, because that is what life is all about – experiencing and learning.

Many adults have troubles with longer thinking and their problem – solving skills, but that is because they didn’t do it much when they were children. So chess is the best option for your kids, it gives them an opportunity to feel how it is to succeed in something only by using their own skills and building a tactic. In terms of rehabilitation and relaxing, this sport is useful as well, and escorts find this to be the best thing about it. Chess helps with therapy and at the same time improves our communication skills. So go and buy a board if you don’t already have one and start playing it before it is too late and your grandchildren can beat you.